Lab Community Involvement:

Johanna Varner, Ph.D., known as "Pika Jo," is featured in the Salt Lake Tribune's - "I Love" video series

watch it here.

Union of Concerned Scientists blog post

Read this fun and enlightening blog post by Johanna Varner titled, "Uintas pika watch or: How I learned to stop worrying and love middle schoolers."read it here.

Academic Minute

Listen to this podcast from Today's Academic MInute. Denise Dearing describes how the diet of pikas (rabbit-like mammals) is changing as they learn to survive amid changes in their environment.


Educating Youth

As part of our continued mission to educate young students on the merits of scientific research, Posdoctoral Fellow Aaron Miller has created this video for fourth grade students.


Why not have a little fun in the lab? Click the link below to find out how the Biology students like to "shake" things up!Link

Intraspecific Deterrence by the Mustard Oil Bomb in a Desert Plant. View the video abstract. Link