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Now accepting Grad Student applications

The Dearing Lab currently has graduate student openings for studies on the evolution of dietary specialization in herbivores. At every meal, herbivores are faced with the possibility of being poisoned by natural toxins in plants. The Dearing lab at University of Utah seeks to understand the physiological (liver enzymes) and microbial (gut microbiome) mechanisms used by mammalian herbivores to deal with natural dietary toxins, and how these mechanisms permit dietary specialization.

Potential applicants should send an email that describes current interests and previous research experience to Dr. Denise Dearing at Please include a CV and three professional references.

The Dearing lab provides exceptional training opportunities for applicants interested in academic careers. Position includes a competitive stipend for 5 consecutive years and health care. Additional information on the graduate program can be found here.

interested Students are encouraged to Read the documents/papers at right by Malenke et al. 2012 and Kohl et al. 2014.

A complete list of publications can be found here.

Letter to prospective graduate students

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